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Water Intake System Best Practices

By Michael Stock

Following industry best practices is an important part of keeping your intake system running efficiently with no unscheduled downtime. Now you might be asking yourself, "What exactly are these best practices?" Read on to find out!


Keeping spare parts on hand

Our intake experts recommend keeping spare parts like spray nozzles, tooth inserts and screen inserts on hand. Since these parts need to be replaced regularly, it's a good idea to keep a few in stock.

While keeping spare parts on hand does require some upfront investment, in some cases it can be cheaper than having an extended period of machine downtime. Having spare parts can also help you avoid the headache of having to order a part and wait for it to arrive before maintenance can be done.

Take a look at our blog post, "7 Intake Parts to Have on Hand" to see a full list of parts our experts recommend keeping in stock. 


Routine maintenance checks

In order to keep your intake system running at optimal performance, it is crucial to develop a routine maintenance schedule. Staying on top of routine maintenance is key to keeping your water screen system up and running with no unscheduled downtime.

During your maintenance checks, it is important to keep an eye out for wear on parts like chains and tooth inserts. Worn parts can negatively impact the running of the entire intake system since all of the components are so interconnected. It is also important to make sure you have proper spray patterns to ensure that debris is being removed.

Want more maintenance tips and tricks? See our blog post, "4 Common Traveling Water Screen Maintenance Issues & How to Fix Them."


Scheduled maintenance done by an Evoqua technician

Another water intake service best practice is to make sure that your intake system is serviced regularly by an Evoqua technician. We offer several services to help with all your intake maintenance needs, including:

  • Top side assessments to evaluate the condition of your traveling water screens and intake system. In this assessment we will:
    • Check for wear indicators
    • Determine remaining life expectancy of key components
    • Review overall operations of screens
    • Provide a summary of findings and recommendations
  • Yearly scheduled maintenance contracts where we will maintain equipment to meet OEM factory specifications.
  • Dive services to evaluate and repair your equipment. Our divers are factory trained and up to date with current safety and OSHA certifications. Divers record their inspections and provide you with a DVD or memory stick.

We have some good news; these services can be performed on any brand of intake systems, not just Evoqua intake systems. To learn more visit our Intake Equipment Services page. 

We have a great tool to help you adhere to industry best practices, download our Intake System Maintenance Checklist!


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