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What Does A Large Equipment Project At A Power Plant Intake Channel Look Like?

By Michael Stock



Step 1:

A power plant, or other facility utilizing a large, raw-water intake system will have a Maintenance Manager or Maintenance Engineer on site. If they find something wrong with their intake system they will call their local Evoqua Water Technologies Manufacturers Representative.

The representatives have extensive contacts in their local business sector (both municipal and industrial) and often sell many types of equipment to the same customer, including power plants.

Call (855) 704-9509 to find your local Evoqua manufacturers representative.


Step 2:

The local Evoqua representative will visit the power plant work site and, along with the Maintenance Manager – or the point of contact – will assess the equipment. The Evoqua representative has enough knowledge to know what the equipment should look like and how it should work to warrant taking next steps.

Step 3:

The Evoqua representative will call Evoqua’s Intake Technical Service Manager to go over the assessment and to discuss the parts and service necessary to make the repairs.


Depending on the age and condition of the equipment, this is the point where questions regarding a capital purchase may arise. If a repair or refurbish project meets or exceeds the cost of a capital purchase it makes more sense to specify a new piece of equipment.

If the power plant decides to move ahead with a capital purchase of a new piece of equipment, the facility will engage an engineering firm. Evoqua will collaborate with the engineering firm and the plant as the specifications are being designed. With over 10,000 global installations there's a good possibility Evoqua has all the original drawings and specifications.

Call (855) 704-9509 to ask about your intake installation.


Step 4:

When all designs and specifications are completed for either the repair or the new equipment, Evoqua's Technical Service Manager (the plant's main point of contact) will coordinate with Evoqua's Field Service Manager (our dive team alliance with Underwater Construction Corporation) and create a work schedule.

Step 5:

The repair or installation will commence with all stakeholders of the project clear on what the scope of the project will be, and exactly what will take place. Evoqua’s field service alliance is the most technically-advanced commercial diving team, and the highest-rated for safety. They are the most proficient intake experts in the industry.

Project wrap up: Evoqua’s alliance field services team won’t leave until the equipment is proven to work as promised.


Step 6:

The local Evoqua Representative will follow up with the customer after a period of time to ensure the customer is satisfied with the equipment’s performance, and the Evoqua team.

 We make it a point of being easy to work with. We are collaborative, as well as the best at what we do. That's why our results typically earn feedback like this:

Dear UCC,

Just sending a quick note to let you know that it was a great pleasure to work with UCC on the  traveling screen project.  The crew came onsite to a very difficult removal job and conducted themselves professionally, demonstrating ownership and a great attitude throughout.  The team was also very communicative and proactive in identifying and mitigating potential issues.  We greatly appreciated their willingness to go above and beyond their immediate scope of work to let us know of other things they saw in the area while diving for the screens.  Additionally their focus on safety with multiple briefings on job tasks as they evolved throughout the day was noted by many.  These individuals are definitely assets to your company.  Based on my experience with them on this project, I am confident in recommending UCC for other potential work within [our company].

Call (855) 704-9509 to schedule an intake assessment today.

Our intake products include traveling water screens, grab rakes, stationery screens, bar racks and the electronic controls that drive them. And you’ll recognize the brands: Link-Belt®, Rex®, Envirex®, FMC® and USFilter®. Even if you don't recognize these names, we can repair, rebuild, refurbish or replace any intake equipment, regardless of brand.

Call: (855) 704-9509

Rex® is a registered trademark of Rexnord Industries LLC, Link-Belt® is a registered trademark of Link-Belt Construction Company, LP, LLLP, FMC® is a registered trademark of  FMC Corporation, USFilter® and Envirex® are registered trademarks of Evoqua Technologies, LLC


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