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3 Methods for Cleaning Your Filter Cloths

By Michael Stock


As with most things, filter cloths need a good thorough cleaning on a regular basis. If filter cloths are not cleaned regularly, residue can build up weighing down the cloth. The weighed down cloth can bend the press frames and lead to serious machine damage and downtime.

The first step in cleaning a filter press is to scrape off any stuck on filter cakes; for step-by-step instructions and tips, check out our FAQ's for Filter Press Process, Maintenance & Operations.

Often times, just scraping off filter cloths doesn't remove all the particulate matter, and a more in-depth cleaning is needed.

But don't fret! There are 3 methods you can use to clean your filter cloths. Read on to find out more...


 Method #1 - recirculation cleaning

The recirculation method of filter press cleaning is used when the solid particles clogging the cloth are soluble. In this particular method, a chemical cleaning solution (usually a mild acid) is circulated through a closed filter press. The chemical solution cleans the cloth by dissolving the solids out of the weave.

In most cases, the recirculation method is the most effective method of cleaning. However, it is not recommended for non-gasketed filter plates unless precautions are taken to make sure any leaks between the plates are contained.


 Method #2 - high pressure cloth washing


In some cases, particulate matter cannot be removed from the cloth weave by a dissolving, chemical cleaning solution. If that is the case, high-pressure cloth washing will be needed.

In this cleaning method, spray nozzles are mounted to a spray bar that is passed over the surface of the cloth and the particulate matter is removed. Both sides of the filter plate are washed at the same time with water being sprayed at as high of a velocity as 100 bar (1,500 PSI).


Method # 3 - low pressure flood wash

The low-pressure flood wash is rarely used because it only removes surface contamination, solid particles that are large and do not penetrate the cloth weave. Even though it is rarely used, this method of filter cloth washing is still a viable option.

Filter cloth cleaning and care is just one aspect of keeping your filter press operating at peak performance. For more filter press maintenance tips, download the guide below!

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