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By Michael Stock



photo: Google Maps

So there you are at Wolverine Lake in the Canadian Yukon. You're 231 miles from the nearest town, Watson Lake - but only after you spend a couple of hours getting to the main road. It's below zero and a necessary piece of equipment has just gone down.

Do you really expect someone from the manufacturer to make a house call in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of winter, near the Arctic Circle?

You should, if you're calling Evoqua Water Technologies.


Upon arrival at a remote shipping port, a container housing a piece of Evoqua equipment was dropped by the crane. Evoqua deployed a service team on the same day the container arrived, to examine the damage. They devised the best way to repair a 10-ton weldment. Their repair strategy could be executed on site without  having to re-ship or re-manufacture parts.

photo: Google Maps

Cranes dropping containers is not typical. Our teams showing up within 24 hours to fix a problem, should one arise, is typical. And while we're there it's also typical for us to find other pieces of equipment to repair, adjust, tweak, refurbish or


Customers swear by our field service team, and so do we. They are jacks-of-all-trades at an expert level. They can improvise effective solutions when they have to, which enables success for the customer.

If you're looking for a service team that will go above and beyond - literally - to do what you need, and more than what you asked, give us a call. 844-704-2920

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