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Go With The Flow - Outfit Your Evoqua Filter Press to handle the uncertainties of life

By Michael Stock



Go with the flow.

Outfit your press to handle the uncertainties of life.

In your filter press’s ideal world, it would handle the same volume day in and day out … a flow matched perfectly to its capacity. Of course, the reality is different. Businesses grow. Volumes can grow, and they can shrink too. It’s a good thing your Evoqua press is designed to go with the flow.

Everybody loves growth … including your Evoqua press.

You can specify an Evoqua filter press that meets your growth plans without having to spend all the capital at once. We can build a frame that will accommodate more capacity when the time comes, and save you money by providing a plate setup that meets just your current needs. An expansion piece placed between the cylinder and the follower saves room for more plates when it’s time to grow.

While an expandable press design can avoid the expense of having to add a second press to handle growth, a complementary feature — the ability to shrink capacity — comes in handy in reduced volume situations.


Use a backup plate to give your press a holiday.

Customers in many industries can find the need to run a short batch of slurry through a press ahead of a weekend or holiday shutdown. This is especially true with slurries that don’t do well sitting in storage tanks or in the press for long periods of time.

As you may know, running a short batch through a full-capacity press won’t produce the fully formed, fully dewatered cakes you want. That’s where a backup plate comes in handy. A backup plate is a solid plate that allows you to short-stack your press. When you insert it into the press at half distance from the head plate, it cuts press volume in half. Insert it a quarter distance from the head plate, and it cuts volume to 25%. Depending on where you place the backup plate, you can change the volume of your press to any amount you want … and get the right results, no matter what size batch you are filtering. (Call your Evoqua rep or see your manual for detailed instructions on how to place a backup plate.)

We don’t live and work in an ideal world. But with options like expansion pieces and backup plates, we can plan for the future and for the unexpected, and go with the flow … wherever it takes us.

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