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Tall? Grande? Vente? How Big Is Your Filter Press?

By Michael Stock



When you call Evoqua to order new cloths, here’s how to know what size to ask for.

Like coffee from your local coffee shop, our presses come in a variety of sizes. Unlike your local coffee shop coffee, our sizes are denominated in millimeters. So when you call us to order spare cloths and we ask you what size you need, “Tall,” “Grande,” or “Venti” aren’t going to work.

You can size your press in the time it takes to grab a no-whip mocha

If you don’t have handy access to the specs for your press, here’s an easy way to get the answer: measure the width of a filter cloth. If you don’t have a metric tape measure handy, you can use a web or smart phone app to convert. Or say 'hey' to your phone's Assistant. Or just multiply your inches by 25.4. Voila, you’ve got millimeters.


For example, if your cloth measures 24 3/4 inches across, multiply 24.75 x 25.4 - that gives you 628 millimeters. In our shop, that’s rounded up to 630. And that’s the size of your press. Simple!

Now step out and order some coffee. You deserve it.


Call us with a math question, your favorite coffee flavor or to order parts for your filter press!  New, repair, rebuild or retrofit.  Call  (844) 450-2910.

Looking for more ways to improve the performance of your filter press? Download our guide for more dewatering tips, tricks and maintenance advice!

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