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Renting A Filter Press Is Not Just For Lab Work Any More

By Michael Stock


When you think of renting a press from Evoqua, you’re probably used to thinking of a pilot rental —a small temporary press you use to analyze your process before specifying a production unit for purchase. But renting isn’t just for piloting any more.

Now you can rent a full-size 100, 150 or 230 cubic-foot press from Evoqua — and get Evoqua maintenance and tech support as well.

Rents make sense

Renting is the perfect solution for a breakdown or some other event that takes a production unit offline, whether for a scheduled outage or an emergency. Renting is also ideal for long-term temporary projects such as pond dredging and site cleanup. In these applications, renting usually costs less than outright purchase, and gives you the flexibility of using your maintenance or rental budget instead of capital funds. And with our range of choices, there’s an Evoqua rental press for most applications.

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100, 150, 230, whatever it takes

Our self-contained, mobile 100 cf unit comes mounted on a curtain-side trailer with convenient catwalks, hand rails and lights for operator safety. A conveyor mounted under the press makes for easy material handling, and available feed pumps complete the package.


Our 150 cf unit is available with a platform with walkways and hand rails for operator safety, and is designed to accommodate a roll-off trailer for easy and safe material handling.

Our free-standing 230 cf unit provides the capacity you need for really big jobs. Call us for installation information.


No extra charge for peace of mind

Whether you’re renting or buying, you get the peace of mind of knowing that you’re working with the leader in filter press maintenance and support — which means things will flow more smoothly, no matter how you’re paying for your equipment.

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Looking for more ways to improve the performance of your filter press? Download our guide for more dewatering tips, tricks and maintenance advice!

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