Pressing Onward: A Dewatering Blog
July 17, 2018

Filter Cloth Management For Tough Slurries - Easy As Pie

  Pre-coating can help extend cloth life. If you’ve been keeping up with our blog posts, you’re probably already familiar with how important it is to match the filter cloths in your press to your specific type of slurry and process. For a refresher, see this post on the wide range of material, weave, fiber types and thread counts we offer to meet any combination of slurry characteristics. But there are some applications for which no type of cloth can do it alone. Some processes in food & beverage operations, automotive plants, steel mills and other heavy industries can produce oily or sticky sludges that will quickly blind a filter cloth, make it impossible to clean, and shorten its lifespan from months to weeks or less. Like flour on a rolling pin In these cases, you can extend cloth life and save money by investing in a system that pre-coats cloths with a material (usually diatomaceous earth) that prevents oily, sticky sludge from binding to the cloth fibers. If you’ve ever made a pie crust from scratch, think of coating the rolling pin with flour to keep the dough from sticking to it and you’ll get the idea. In addition to extending cloth life, pre-coating can make your dewatering process run more smoothly. Cakes release much more easily, and there’s less downtime caused by cleaning and changing cloths. Costs include a pre-coat skid with its own pump, tank and piping; plus the pre-coat material itself and the time involved in setting up a PLC program to control it all. Is pre-coating for you? For some of our customers, pre-coating is an obvious choice. Others prefer frequent cloth changes. The only way to know what’s right for your operation is to weigh the costs and benefits of the two scenarios along with other factors such as your capital strategy, plant environment and workflow. The best way to sort it all out is to have your process analyzed by the folks at our lab. They can help you identify the right cloths and the right pre-coat system to protect them. Then they’ll help you work through the options so that you can decide which is a better fit for your operation: pre-coating your cloths, or replacing them more frequently. Either way, there’s no reason to let stubborn sludge ruin the party. Work with the experts at Evoqua to get the recipe right, and the rest is a piece of cake. Or, if you prefer, pie.more

December 20, 2017

Literally The Ends Of The Earth - Evoqua Service Techs

  Expert Spotlight: Field Service Manager, Firas Shamoun has gone to some amazing lengths to keep Evoqua customers up and running.more

July 12, 2017

Don't Fly Blind - Rent A Pilot

  Don’t fly blind. Rent a pilot. Planning a production change or working through a filter press problem can be like working in the dark. If you are experiencing changes in the filter cake or filtrate quality, making the changes necessary to investigate the problem can be frustrating if you can’t take your filter press offline. Sometimes even a small change in treatment chemistry upstream of the filter press can affect the filter cake quality, so if you want to test different treatment chemistries, filter cloths, or changing cycle parameters, consider renting a pilot unit. Call (844) 450-2920 and ask about our pilot press.more

March 13, 2017

Frac Sand Creation and Flowback Water Cleanup in the Fracking Industry

Cleaning Water In The Hydraulic Fracturing Industry Whether or not you are a fan of sand fracking, it's been around for about 50 years. The process involves large amounts of water that must be treated - that's where Evoqua comes in! Evoqua creates different types of filter presses for different types of applications even though they're still in the same industry...fracking.more