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Who Needs The Drama - New Screens Are Almost Boring

By Michael Stock



Who needs the drama?

Our new filter press control screens are almost boring to look at. And that’s a good thing.

If you own a newer Evoqua filter press, you may find yourself less than overwhelmed by the graphics on the control screen.

Where you might have expected to see 3D full-color animated pumps, valves and slurry; instead you see boxes, grids, and shades of gray with a few simple colors here and there.

Not much to get worked up about. And that’s exactly how you should feel. Why? Because ‘overwhelmed’ isn’t helpful when you’re operating a powerful piece of equipment.

Less is more in the new HMI

In Human Machine Interface (HMI) design for industrial systems like our filter presses, the complex color, flashy animation and detailed graphics that have been the norm for the last decade are giving way to simpler design.

Why? Because it’s been proven time and again that graphic drama gets in the way of the information you really need for making quick, accurate decisions. Slow response or a confusing interface could potentially lead to accidents or worse. It has led HMI designers, including Evoqua, to move HMI design toward a better approach that uses simple graphics, minimal color, and an uncluttered layout. This new type of HMI is becoming the standard not just in our business but throughout the world of process control.

Your cell phone is more distracting than this.

You’ll notice the difference when you operate a newer Evoqua filter press. The control screen may look like a step back from the graphic detail, say, on your cell phone; but in the factory, it’s easier to use. And faster. And safer.

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Everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

That’s not to say the Evoqua control system doesn’t provide everything you need to run, maintain and analyze your process. If you’re troubleshooting or planning some preventive maintenance, for example, you can scroll through a full alarm status and history screen. Or if you’re scheduling your week, there’s a screen that tells you when the process is going to finish. And if you want to know what every valve and motor in the press is doing in real time, for any reason, you can access that information by punching through a simple menu.

Two screens. Zero drama.

All in all, the Evoqua control system has 40 screens that give you complete control of your filter press. They’re all designed for a fast read and simple interaction, and each screen has a dashboard banner across the top that gives you the current status of all the essentials at a glance. But 99% of the time, you will only need to use two of the 40 screens. Just two.

And, since it’s an Evoqua filter press, they are drama-free – by design.

Call us for a drama-free conversation. New, repair, rebuild or retrofit.  Call  (844) 450-2910.

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