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World Travel - A Lost Flashlight - and the voice of experience

By Michael Stock




Bankok, Thailand

expert spotlight: field service engineer, tim jackson

  • Expertise: Field Service
  • Experience: Evoqua 10 years; 25 years total in industrial maintenance
  • Extra talent: “I’ll fix anything.”
  • Excellence philosophy: Fear nothing. Focus on customer success.

Six feet two inches tall, Tim Jackson can be an imposing figure wherever he goes. And in his ten years as an Evoqua Field Service Engineer based in Holland, Michigan, Tim has gone to a lot of places. He’s fixed and upgraded filter presses for customers in locations ranging from Santiago to Bangkok.

Sometimes a phone call is all that’s needed.

“I’ve been to places where they’ve never seen anything like me in real life,” he says with a faint drawl that reminds you of a jet pilot talking nervous passengers through a thunderstorm. It’s the kind of voice that makes you feel like, whatever the problem, things are going to work out just fine.

Sometimes, over hundreds of calls from customers with downed presses and other issues, Tim’s voice and his troubleshooting acumen have, in fact, been all that’s needed. He once made a trip to the Pacific Northwest unnecessary by working the phone after a power failure shut down a customer’s press. “I helped them find the restart button. That was all they needed,” he says.


No fear.

Other times he’s been on site for two to three weeks helping customers work through issues ranging from a complete system rebuild to hydraulics and autoshifter repairs, cloth washer service and other routine service requests. “I’ll work on anything,” he says. “In all my years out there, I haven’t seen a machine yet that scares me.”

Then, once in a while, he’ll encounter something new. “Once, a customer called because they’d dropped a flashlight into the lime silo, and it was working its way through the system,” he says. Troubleshooting analysis indicated that the plastic flashlight wasn’t likely to damage the system’s stainless steel parts, and the best course of action would be to let it pass on through. “A couple of days later,” he says, “It popped out just fine.”


“They back you 110%.”

Tim enjoys working for Evoqua because of the depth of our commitment both to customers and to field engineers like him who represent us on site. “Evoqua has a level of respect for employees that you don’t find in many places,” he says. “I’ve been elsewhere, and I can tell you that it’s special here. They back you 110%.”

As an Evoqua Service Engineer, Tim says the most rewarding part of his job is the opportunity to satisfy customers.  “As someone who performs a service, you want to make sure that customers know that their money has been well spent. We make sure we do the job right, so that they can be successful in using their equipment to do what they need to do. If they feel like they’ve really been taken care of, they’re going to continue to do business with Evoqua.”

Artboard 8-100.jpg

Keep it clean.

With ten years and thousands of miles of customer visits behind him, you would think Tim has seen it all. But, Tim says, “I’m still learning.” And while he enjoys being with customers, he offers some advice that will keep him and other Service Engineers from visiting as often: “Keep your filter press clean,” he says. “You can avoid damage and service calls by keeping the press and its moving parts free of grime and debris. It’s easier to see problems coming, and easier to work on them, too. In other words,” he says, with the authority of a seasoned Field Service Engineer, “a clean press … is a happy press.”


Santiago, Chile

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