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A Day in the Life of An Evoqua Diver

By Michael Stock



How's this for a job description: 

  • Must enjoy diving into cold, murky lakes, rivers and narrow wells, where you can't see your hand in front of your face. 
  • Must be a certified commercial diver with 9 months of training and an engineering background.

These are things that describe our traveling water screen maintenance dive team. Sounds like they have a pretty interesting job, right? Let's take a look at what a day on the job as an Evoqua diver looks like.


A day on the job

A diver's day to day job is all about teamwork. Our crews work in teams of three, with one member diving while the others stay on the surface and provide direction via intercom. And to take teamwork to a whole new level, all of the divers are connected to each other with cables. Talk about having a connection with your colleagues! One of our divers said, "On a dive crew, we are family. We spend so much time together that we get to the point that we know and can anticipate each other's thoughts and actions.”

At the start of every dive, the team suits up with all of their rather unique equipment. Our divers wear specialized dive suits to keep them warm on their polar plunges. The suits have warm water that circulates through one layer to insulate and keep the diver warm. The underwater crew also wear high-resolution cameras on their helmets to provide their colleague on the surface with a clear picture of what is going on. Check out this video of underwater welding taken by one of our divers with their helmet camera. 

Why is the member on the surface directing those who are underwater? Well, because a majority of the water is very murky and there is little to no visibility. A lot of repairs have to be done based on sense of touch and muscle memory. Which means that our dive crew has to know equipment like the back of their hands.



Under water and around the world

Our dive team would agree that one of their favorite parts of the job is being able to travel all over the country and the world to repair traveling water screens. From Georgia to Guam, our team has traveled the globe and had the chance to dive in some of the most beautiful spots on Earth, like Indonesia. Of the dive in Indonesia, one of our divers Joe Borho said, "Some people pay a lot of money to go diving there, yet we got to dive there for work. That was neat."

Want our dive team to pay a visit to your facility and do some repairs on your traveling water screens? Visit our Traveling Water Screen Services page to learn more about our dive and the other services. 

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